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Youtube Bounty


Youtube Bounty Details

  • Record a video about Hash365. Minimum of 5 Min, explain the website in your language. show deposit process or withdraw process.
  • Write your referral link ( ) On Description of Your Video.
  • Subject Video Must Be Like " Investment Paying With Proof - " or "Hash365 Review"
  • Upload your video to youtube. Your account should have a minimum of 500 followers and 3 months old.
  • Your video should be visible to everyone if your video is unlisted or private your video will not be considered for the rewards.
  • Your video should be added after 19/8/2019. and should not contain any other link or information about any other project.
  • Rewards will be distributed after your video is at least 7 days old.
  • To claim your reward, send your youtube link with your Hash365 username to our official email only.
  • You can submit only one video per week.